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    Techkriti'14, Asia's largest Technical and Entrepreneurial Festival, is back in action with a new mission to revolutionize the 'Virtually Progressive World'.
    Covering every aspect of technology and entrepreneurship, we wish to spread our motto of inspiring the individuals towards sustainable development and highlighting the role of technology in uplifting the society.
    We present to you a plethora of events including Robogames, Ideas, Techkriti Grand Prix, Tremor, Sky Sparks, Radioactive and many more. This year, we plan to cover new avenues by conceptualizing events like Robo Pirates (Aqua-Robotics), Multirotor (Quadrocopter), Richie Rich (Portfolio Optimization), Marketing Villa, Bridge Design Challenge and many others.
    Go gear up and dare to compete among the best from all over the- world. And the best thing is:
    Total Prize Money: More than INR 25 Lacs!!
    Scroll down to witness the awesomeness!